A Digital Superbowl – the Tablet vs PC Showdown

Tablets vs PC: At a Glance

It may be hard to fathom, but personal computers were once an exclusive luxury that few could afford. They were a discontinuous innovation in which a completely new set of skills was required for use. But slowly, with each passing year, PCs began to dominate the consumer market to the point that it was odd if your household did not have one.


And now, after decades of tireless innovation, we’ve arrived at yet another one of these pivotal moments. All hail the rise of the tablet, because seriously, who wants to point and click on a pixelated screen anymore when there is a handy device with a crystal clear screen that responds to the touch of your fingertips? Even though we still see a majority of PC traditionalists, their number is dwindling.

Swipe, pinch, tap. These three simple actions serve as the foundation of a certain digital interactiveness that we’ve never seen before. And here at Onswipe, we’ve decided to take things to entirely new level and bring this unprecedented sort of interactiveness to the valuable content you read everyday.

The Numbers

Last year, the number of tablets shipped exceeded half the number of PCs shipped. 52.5 million tablets were sold in the first quarter of 2012, compared to 89.5 million PCs.

Why the change? Should we embrace it? The tablet vs PC showdown has in inevitable winner.

Clearly, yes. Tablets are affordable. They’re engaging and fun to use. They have a cool factor astronomically greater than that of a PC. Their displays are typically brighter and clearer than any PC will ever be. They are easy to carry. As companies adopt mobile and tablet versions of their websites, and as more apps usurp the roles of traditional computing, the transition will be indisputably noticeable.

Superbowl + Tablets

According to a study conducted by Google, people use at least one other device while watching television 77% of the time. How will these statistics play into Superbowl Sunday, just days away? In 2012, the game had 111 million viewers, and we have every reason to believe that these individuals will shift their attention to their mobile devices more than ever before. Whether it’s reading published content on the game or tweeting about the impossibly awesome touchdown that just occurred, we can safely say that multitasking is inevitable.

So, tell us: how will you incorporate your mobile device into the game? Internet browsing? Apps? Social networks?

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