BlahBlahLearning takes the winning prize at Onswipe’s HTML5 Hackathon

Onswipe’s first HTML5 hackathon concluded sunday with winners in Design, Data, Best Application of Touch and Best Overall project.

The winner for best design was Bi-Line: Using simple brushstrokes, bi-line is a real-time collaborative drawing application. Major dependencies include Paper.js and The application is deployed on Nodejitsu at:


The winner for best data was Scroogify.js: Making responsive images suck slightly less.

The winner for best Touch Application was AndSwipe: A responsive swipeable mobile interface that allows users to browse and vote for photos. Photos and vote information can be accessed in the REST API.

And the best overall winner was BlahBlahLearning:

Hailing from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, via Utah and Connecticut, the team of BlahBlahLearning won Onswipe’s first HTML5 Hackathon in New York City.

BlahBlahLearning is a platform helps people practice or learn a new language with real people with one-on-one real-time video.

Some of the team members moved to US, solely to learn and practice english. “The members of our team speak more than 2 languages at home, and we’ve had the desire to continue practicing and learning new languages. However, it was hard to find French and Italian speakers.” Explained Eliecer Andres Trillos, one of the blahblah founders.

In less than 48 hours the BlahBlah team was able to build a solution for their own problem.

“The opportunity to be able to build something new with people amazing engineers and with mentorship from the Onswipe team is what brought me to the hackathon” said Ezequiel Gomez, BlahBlah team member

The team was composed by

- Daniel Niquet. 15 years experience Programmer Engineer with a master’s degree on IT Management. NodeJS fan. @danielniquet
- Ezequiel Gomez Serna. 10 years experience Web designer and front end developer. actually working for a Mexico IT company in US, definitely enjoys colaborate building web apps. @cheketere
- Eliecer Andres Trillos. Co-founder of @eliecertrillos

Onswipe Software Engineer LD Libra served as engineering mentor for the team.