Burglars Nab First iPhone 5s, and Another Windows 8 Tablet Gets A Price


Millions of consumers will finally get their hands on the new iPhone 5 this weekend, although it appears Apple’s Maps App couldn’t find its way out of a paper bag right now. So don’t get lost in this mad, mad tech world, and catch up on some sweet tech news.

Features, OS, and Screen Size Less Important Than Price For Prospective Smartphone Buyers

A recent study by Qualcomm found that a whopping 71 percent of respondents said they took price into account when selecting their next device purchase, compared to 50 percent who took screen size into consideration. On one hand, the fact that consumers care about the price of a future purchase is simply common sense — but in a smartphone marketplace where manufactures are desperately trying create distinct products, it appears that price still trumps things like OS, design, and speed. (Mashable)

Burglars Become Earliest Adopters Of iPhone 5

The dedication of the thousands of Apple fans who lined up in front of stores on Friday were put to shame by a group Burglars in Japan. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that as of noon on Friday, 191 new iPhone 5s were nabbed in the early hours of the morning in a series of break-ins at three different stores in Osaka. At one store, 116 devices — the entire stock — were stolen in a four-minute span starting at 4:24 in the morning. (WSJ)

Minor Technical Issues Appear (Again) for Some Early iPhone Adopters

It wouldn’t be a real iPhone launch if we didn’t freak out a bit over technical glitches. YouTube videos and Tweets today showed that some have been getting some wonky issues from their iPhones’ screens. Some are reporting a weird bubble that appears on the screen when pressed too hard, while others say that the screens flicker and blur in certain areas. (TechCrunch)

Lenovo Bursts Into Windows 8 with $799 ThinkPad 2 and Keyboard

Lenovo has staked its flag in the Windows 8 marketplace with the $799 ThinkPad 2 (including its keyboard and dock). The 10.1-inch tablet has a 1366×768 display and a reported battery life of ten hours. The price is on the high side of the still-unsettled debate over Windows 8 price points. While the device does come with the keyboard and dock, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has implied that the Surface will be priced between $300 and $800, which would leave the ThinkPad 2 to compete with the highest-grade Surface tablet. (ArsTechnica)