Children’s Tablet Gets Sued, and How 5 Million iPhones Wasn’t Good Enough for Wall Street


The tablet market is moving, ladies and gentlemen. And not just the good parts either, as Toys “R” Us is discovering right now. But regardless of whether you have a tablet, or your kids do, or a kleptomaniac flight attendant took it, go on and check out the best tech news of the day.

Child’s Play: Toys “R” Us Sued Over Tablet Infringement

The tablet war has moved into the playroom, as Toys “R” Us is being sued by maker of a tablet for children, Fuhu Inc., for stealing trade secrets that led Toys “R” Us to produce its own children’s tablet, the Tabeo. According to Fuhu, Toys R’ Us had agreed to become the exclusive seller of their tablet, the Nabi, but Toys “R” Us had no intention of selling the Nabi; instead, Fuhu claims that Toys R’ Us took the design and made their own tablet. (Reuters)

When 5 Million iPhones Sold Isn’t Enough, Blame Thin Scree

Despite selling 5 million units in three days, the iPhone still fell short of the mythical expectation levels of Wall Street Analysts, who predicted a staggering 6 to 10 million devices sold in the first weekend. One reason for the shortfall is that Apple is not counting pre-orders that were pushed into the next quarter. Another could be that Apple’s use of ultra-thin screens is causing supply shortages. (ZDNET, Bloomberg)

Samsung Opens New Front With Mobile Browser to Compete With Google and Apple

Samsung, apparently unsatisfied with its current multi-front tech war, is planning on challenging Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome browsers with its own WebKit browser for mobile devices. First reported by the Electronic Times of Japan, Samsung has advertised for developers with expertise in mobile browsers to work at the Advanced Software Platform Lab at Samsung’s US research and development centre in Silicon Valley. (CNET)

Still 7″ in Japan: Google Takes on Sony with Nexus 7 Launch in Japan

Google expanded the reach of its flagship Nexus 7 tablet to Japan Tuesday. This move seems to set Google up to compete with Sony, which also manufactures tablets that run Google’s Android platform. (Chicago Tribune)