Hack your way to HTML5 glory

Do you dream of HTML5 greatness? Do you have JavaScript hacking skills? Do you want to meet other awesome hackers like yourself? We thought so.

On October 19th, Onswipe is holding a two-day uber hackathon for all the dreamers out there like us. There will be food, there will be WiFi, and yes: there will be beer. We want you to come hack with us and show the world what is possible on the web. This is what you can do about it:

  1. Register for Onswipe’s two-day hackathon

  2. Show up on October 19th

  3. Achieve greatness

And there’s a bonus: Onswipe will be giving away four iPads, one each to the top projects in design, gaming, data, and best overall. We’ll also be giving away two tickets to Empire.js for the best overall project and best designed project.

We’ve picked HTML5 as the theme for the hackathon. We know that covers a broad range of web apps, libraries, and general hackeries. That’s the point! We’re looking forward to creating cool HTML5 stuff with you, whatever it is you can think of.

Keep in mind you’ll have Onswipe’s arsenal of 30+ touch devices available for you to develop on, if you want. We have everything from iPads, to Galaxies, to Kindle Fires. In general you’ll have the whole Onswipe office at your disposal, plus a bunch of Onswipe’s best hackers.

Even better, we’ll be wrapping up on Sunday the 21st, right before the Empire.js pre-party! Think how it will feel to pre-game with some JavaScript and some beers for two days straight. Epic, that’s how it will feel.

Go register now for the Onswipe HTML5 hackathon. All participants must fit in our office, so there is limited space available. Don’t miss your chance! And remember: beer. Beer good.