iOS 6.1 Features: Quantity over Quality?

So, what’s the big deal about Apple’s iOS 6.1 update?

Well, we conducted a study to see how long it would take for iPhone users to adopt it.

Our findings? Quite impressive.

Onswipe CEO Jason Baptiste reported, 22% of iPhone users made the switch within 2.5 days of release.

This means that it will take about 2 weeks for most users to be onboard the latest and greatest iOS 6.1. But what’s so special about it? What sets it apart from previous updates? And most importantly, how and why did its adoption occur so rapidly?

New iOS 6.1 Features at a Glance

1. Movie feature for Siri – Siri, the iPhone’s voice recognition feature, is a great tool for accomplishing tasks faster since it eliminates many steps. Whether you’re humorously asking whether it loves you, telling it to tweet the latest news update, it’s a rather convenient hands-free tool. In fact, 87% of iPhone users use the feature monthly, more than half of whom stated that they were satisfied. And now, as a result of a partnership with Fandango, you’re able to search for and purchase movie tickets with it.

2. Apple Maps – With the latest operating system came a major setback that the media only exacerbated even further. The new iOS 6 maps app is Apples first in-house attempt, and it actually involved a partnership with the GPS company TomTom. With iOS 6.1, we are not yet seeing a change, but rather an improved ability to provide feedback. The “Report a Problem” button is much more noticeable and enticing to push so that feedback volume is greater. Hopefully, this will help significantly in the creation of a superior maps app in the coming months or years.

3. Lock Screen Music Control – this update to your lock screen adds a nice, refreshed look to your phone to reflect the constant aim for a minimalist interface.

4. Improved Wi-fi Connection – iOS 6.1 attempts to eliminate any odd wi-fi connection issues that a few users were facing. The update does not make your connection more speedy, but simply enhances reliability.

5. Bug Fix: No more spontaneous rebooting – many iPhone users had issues with their devices shutting off and restarting without any warning. 6.1 attempts to address this issue as well.

Is it safe to update?

There have been no reports of any battery life issues, crashing apps, etc. from users. In fact, iOS 6.1 adds a significant amount of stability to the overall operating system.

Why the buzz?

So what’s the big deal with this update? In this case, we are really considering quantity over quality. The substantive aspects of iOS 6.1 are, in retrospect, extremely minor. They will not make a difference to your daily usage whatsoever. But what we find truly astounding is the rapidity at which the platform has been adopted over the last week. 22% of iPhone users updated in a matter of 2.5 days. Now that’s quite a feat.

We attribute this rapid adoption to the unmatched devotion users have to their mobile devices. It’s symbolic of society’s desire to keep up with the latest and greatest products – to be at the forefront of innovation whenever possible. You may be wondering, “We’re just talking about a stupid, little phone update. Who cares?”

In reality, though, this phenomenon is indicative of how integral mobile devices are to our well-being, and how we rely on them more and more each day to do new things that only a traditional computer could accomplish. We use them religiously, and at Onswipe, it’s our goal to make that experience as beautiful and simple as possible.

So join the movement. Update your software. Stay at the forefront of innovation. Your smartphone or tablet is a beautiful thing.

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