Live from the #swipeathon

Dialed in and hacking away the developers at the #swipeathon are locked in creating a multitude of broad ranging apps from mood based photo filter applications to webcam activated computer games. Breaks were taken, designs created and destroyed along with the stealing of team members.


Updates from some of the teams

Team: One Love : Vinil, Ashley, Vanvana

Idea: mobile educational ecosystem for making and taking assessment online

Update: Vinil: It’s not my first hackathon but this is definitely a different the music and atmosphere is very inviting.

Team: Blahblah Ezikeil, Andres, Daniel, LD

Idea: language learning application via videochat between two users

Update: LD: It’s my first hackathon and I must say the food is great, people are great and we’re going to win.”

Team: Team Stingy Yifei, Camillio

Idea: simple implementation of responsive images

Update: Yifei: “This place has a pretty wild vibe I’d would definitely come back again.”

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