Meet Onswipe’s HTML5 Hackathon Projects

From real-time drawing to language learning and international education platform, the html5 hackathon teams are putting last minute touches to their submissions after a weekend fueled by energy drinks, beer, pizza and javascript. The winners will be chosen in the next couple of hours to receive tickets to EmpireJS and iPads. In the meantime, check out the participants:

Bi-line: Using simple brushstrokes, bi-line is a real-time collaborative drawing application. Major dependencies include Paper.js and The application is deployed on Nodejitsu at:

OneLove edYOUcation: An educational ecosystem where a teacher from Turkey to a teacher in Thailand can create content and share with anybody(students). The system supports 44 diff languages. We are using MongoDB as our back-end, HTML5 for file uploads, gestures like swipe etc.

BlahBlahLearning: A language-learning platform that connects learners via video chat. A pair of speakers who are each learning the other’s native tongue are given 5 minutes to speak in one language, then 5 minutes to speak in the other. The native speaker of the language being spoken assumes the teacher role, with the learner taking the student role. Since the learning session only last 10 minutes, users will speak with many different native speakers of their desired language over time.

Who’s That President: A game where you see a picture of a US President for 3 seconds and then need to guess who it is.

AndSwipe: AndSwipe is a responsive swipeable mobile interface that allows users to browse and vote for photos. Photos and vote information can be accessed in the REST API.

Scroogify.js Making responsive images suck slightly less.

Abyss A classic fall game (remember that TI-83 game?) using WebGL. The player controls the falling object with their webcam by facial detection.