Oct. 29 Windows Phone 8′s Time To Shine, And iPad Mini Is Wi-Fi Only


More teens than ever are grabbing iPhones, but Microsoft is putting all its muscle behind taking some of that market back Windows Phone 8 (as well as its Surface devices). But can Microsoft do ‘Apple’ better than Apple? Dig into that issue and more with today’s best touch news.

Microsoft To Fully Unveil WP8 Features During Oct. 29 Event

Microsoft has sent out invitations to “Meet Windows Phone 8″ event to take place in London on October 29. Up until now, Microsoft has been keeping the details of WP8 largely locked up to members of the media, and previous events have features demo devices that could not be navigated past the lock screen. In related news, CEO Steve Ballmer seems to be taking a page from Apple, writing in his annual letter to shareholders that hardware and online services are the future of the company. (TechCrunch, Reuters)

iPad Mini Limited to Wi-Fi Only — But New, 4G-Enabled iPad In the Works

The Guardian, citing unnamed industry sources, reported Tuesday that iPad users Mini will probably be limited to only Wi-Fi on their devices. Eliminating 3G support for the 7.85-inch tablet is seemingly a cost-cutting measure that will help keep the iPad Mini’s price competitive with Google and Amazon. The Guardian’s sources also said that Apple would be updating its 9.7-inch iPad with 4G connectivity, the new “Lightning” connector, and compatibility with the UK’s Everything Everywhere network. (The Guardian)

iPhone Ownership Among Teens Doubled Since Fall 2011.

An annual survey by analysis firm Piper Jaffray found that 40 percent of teens own an iPhone, almost double the number, 23 percent, reported in Fall 2011. The survey of 7,700 teens also found that 62 percent of teens said that the iPhone would be their next smartphone, compared to just 22 percent who had an Android phone on their wish lists. (CNET)

AMD Enters Tablet Chip Race With Z-60 APU

Not content to let Intel run roughshod over the Windows 8 tablet market with its Clover Trail chip, AMD has thrown its had into the ring with a new Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) with Radeon class graphics technology, which places the Z-60 above the graphics power of Intel. However, writes PC World’s Loyd Case, AMD’s processor seems to sacrifice battery power for the increased graphical muscle. “In essence: Customers will have to choose between possibly better graphics or longer battery life.” (PCWorld)