Smart Devices Perfect For News Junkies. Next: High-Tech Burglars?


Smartphones and tablets are just another part of our everyday lives, folks. From a Pew study that shows we’re getting more news from our devices to a burglar’s ability to map our entire personal life before lifting robbing us blind, the evidence is mounting that ‘crazy’ is the new normal. Check out those stories and more right here.

Android Malware Can Build 3D Outline Of Your Life, Then Steal It

A new malware called PlaceRider built by a team at Indiana University is every burglar’s wet dream: It has the ability to surreptitiously build 3-D models of Android users’ apartments. While the software was created as an academic exercise in exposing holes in Android’s security, the ability for the malware to use a smartphone’s cameras, accelerometers, and gyroscopes to build a 3D map of a space could affect more fields than just that of thievery. (Fast Company)

Intel-Microsoft Alliance Strained As Clover Trail Suffers Delay

Bloomberg has reported that Intel has delayed shipping its next-gen Clover Trail processor to Microsoft, which in turn has delayed the development of a number of upcoming Windows 8 tablets. The Clover Trail processor has been touted as a battery-saving super chip, but the delays underscore the trouble both companies are having competing with Apple’s juggernaut iPad. (Bloomberg)

Apple Prepping iPad 4 With Widescreen?

With the iPhone 5 sporting a gorgeous widescreen display, it’s logical to wonder if Apple is planning the same redesign for the next iPad. Well, an analyst quoted by said that he had “talked to at least three people close to Apple who say that there are new iPad prototypes that have a 16:9 aspect ratio.” It’s unclear if the upcoming iPad Mini will sport the same ratio, but a different source told CNN that Apple is sending out invitations on October 10th for the unveiling of the 7.85″ device, presumed to occur on the 17th of this month. (, CNN)

Pew: Smartphone and Tablets Increasing Users’ Love of News

A survey from Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism has uncovered that tablet and smartphone users are consuming an increasing amount of news on these devices. In fact, after email, news is the second most popular activity on these devices. The study also illustrated the difference in use between the iPad and Android devices; it found that about half of iPad owners use their tablet several times a day, compared with just a third for Android users. (Pew)