Steve Jobs Predicted the iPad in 1983, But What About the Patent War?


Back in 1983, Steve Jobs was talking about “an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you.” Well, they managed to shorten the name a bit, but the iPad wasn’t the only thing Jobs conjured in his magical mind. Networks, email, and even something similar to Google Street View were bouncing around that visionary brain of his. But could he predict the raging patent war between his company and Samsung? Catch all the rest of the best touch news of the day, right here.

iPad Mini In Production, But Has Lower Rez Screen Than iPad 3

The Wall Street Journal, citing sources in Apple’s supply train, is reporting that the iPad mini has begun production. The sources also seemed to confirm a few of the other rumors that have been bouncing around the interwebs for last couple months, namely: The screen measures 7.85 inches diagonally, and the LCD panels themselves were manufactured by LG Display and AU Optronics. Interestingly, it seems the iPad mini will have a lower resolution than the current gen iPad, but will have the same downright gorgeous black anodized aluminum casing that debuted on the iPhone 6. (WSJ, The Verge)

Apple Made Last Ditch Licensing Offer To Samsung — Before Suing The Pants Off It

New court documents (unsealed against the wishes of Apple and Samsung) show that Apple offered a “reciprocal patent agreement” to Samsung in the months leading up the trial which eventually brought Apple a billion dollar victory. The legalese of the offer is pretty dense, but essentially Apple was asking for a 33-cent royalty per device for certain patents. It is unclear how (or even if) Samsung responded, but all that may be moot now that the Samsung has alleged jury misconduct in the case. Are we headed for a mistrial? (CNET)

Samsung Profit Hits Record $7.3B on Strength of Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung’s run of four straight record-beating quarters continues, as the company reported that it made $7.3 billion in profit during the last quarter, almost double last’s year profit. Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone series is largely responsible for the high number, and lessened the effects of reduced business from Apple, which has cut back on its orders of chips and screens as the the rivalry between the company has deepened over the last months. (Reuters)

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Sold Out Until November

Amazon’s stripped-down, ultra-cheap Kindle Paperwhite tablet may not be getting the press that its flashier cousin is getting, but consumers are definitely taking notice. While the tablet went on sale this Monady, it is already sold out on, and those trying to nab the nifty e-reader will now have to wait 4-6 weeks. (Gigaom)