Touch News Roundup: Smartphones Peak in 2012; Meet Intel’s 14lb Moster


Ok, enough of the iPhone 5 already. In fact, let’s just call it an iPhone and move on. And while pre-orders are already pushing back shipping dates while analysts predict it to be the fastest selling device of all time, let’s take all take a breather and check out the best touch news of the day.

NPD: 2012 Marks Peak of Smartphone Market

Some still think the most momentous event of 2012 will be the end of the universe, but a new report NPD Research reveals a more plausible candidate. According to the market research firm, 2012 is the peak year for new users to purchase a smartphone, meaning that while the market will continue to grow in the future, that growth will be the product of existing smartphone owners who are merely upgrading or trading in their phones. (Forbes)

iPad Nabs Highest Rating In J.D. Power Satisfaction Survey

Apple’s newest iPhone may have owned the show on Wednesday, but the iPad received its fair share of the spotlight as it took the top place in a tablet satisfaction survey by J.D. Power and Associates. The survey was directed at tablet owners who had owned their devices for less than two years, and the results came in the form of a 1000-point scale. Apple came in first, 848, then Amazon, 842, with Samsung coming in at third with 827. (CNET)

Cheap Kindle Fire HD One More Reason For Surface Prices to Drop

Computer World’s Preston Gralla thinks that the $199 7″ Kindle Fire HD should add the existing pressure on Microsoft to price their upcoming Surface tablets around the $200-$300 price range, instead of the premium price point currently dominated by Apple. But could Microsoft profit from such a low price, and what would such a strategy do third-party Windows 8 devices? (Computer World)

Intel’s New All-In-One PC Is A Monstrous 14 lb Tablet

Trying to stimulate some excitement in the PC market hasn’t been easy of late. But Intel is pushing hard for the rise of all-in-one PCs with touchscreens. Revealed during its Developer’s Conference in San Francisco this week, Intel’s “Adaptive All-In-One” PC whose display panel is a 14-pound, 2.5-inch thick tablet that houses all the guts of a normal PC, including an optical drive. The display can run independently of its dock for four hours. (PC World)