Welcome to @Onswipe’s new CTO, Paul Fisher

Hiring seasoned executives is not only the most challenging part of being a founder, but also the most rewarding. As Onswipe has transitioned from an early stage company to a growth stage company, we’ve brought in leaders on the business side like Jared our CRO and Rich our COO. The missing piece for the past 6 months has been a leader and partner in crime to take the product+engineering side of the house to the next level. After looking at hundreds of resumes and meeting dozens of candidates in person, I’m happy to announce we’ve found the right partner in crime – Paul Fisher. Paul has already been at work for a short while helping us build Onswipe #next, launching later this quarter, something we’re excited to start revealing soon. As a young founding CEO, I’m tremendously lucky to work with experienced and brilliant executive team members like Rich, Jared, and now Paul. I wanted to share an excerpt of the email I sent to the entire company announcing Paul joining Onswipe as CTO and why he’s the perfect fit for us.


He knows publishing and advertising

Paul was the head of technology of all of and its technology initiatives for 3 years. Working inside of Conde and a large publication is the right DNA for building a publishing platform for the future of the web.

He knows how to manage a large team

At Limewire, Paul was a director of engineering running a large team inside of what was a large company at the time. We’re going to be growing a lot, especially on the engineering side over the next year and he’s the right guy.

He knows mobile

Sonar, where Paul is currently CTO is a hot company in the space focused solely on mobile. As you know, building and managing for a touch first world is way different. He’s been doing that for over a year now.

He knows startups

Sonar and its incubator K2 Labs is a startup itself. Paul also saw the larger side of a startup at Limewire, including the tough times through its legal battles. Having the hustle mentality of a startup is something that goes a long way.

He’s a great guy

In short, he’s someone we’ll all want to build a business with over the next year. I’m really excited to have him inside the organization.