Why iPads Continue to Gain US Consumer Adoption While Android Platforms Struggle For Attention

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Despite the buzz and seeming popularity among Android tablet devices, the iPad remains an industry leader. Apple was able to sell 55 million iPads in just 7 quarters. To put this into perspective, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, says that “it took us 22 years to sell 55 million Macs. It took 5 years to sell 55 million iPods. It took three years for us to ship that many iPhones. The trajectory is off the charts.”


Why, then, do iPads Continue to Gain US Consumer Adoption?

Cook goes on to explain that “the reason the iPad is so big is because it stands on the shoulders of everything that came before it. Before iPad, the iTunes Store and App Store were already in place. People were already trained on iPhones, so they knew about multitouch. So you could literally give an iPad to anyone and there was no learning.” The iPad was a continuous innovation; despite its game changing character, little product education was necessary. This is precisely why adoption rates were so high. People already knew how to use the iPhone, so transitioning to a similar platform on a larger scale was not difficult.

Moreover, Apple creates value for its customers through a “Device Ecosystem,” so to speak. People often see iPads as a prudent addition to their existing apple devices, because they can work together seamlessly and communicate with one another. Virtual products like iCloud, iMessgage, iPhoto, and other such apps allow users to access all of their own content, regardless of the device they are using.

Apple does not price its products as competitively as its Android or Amazon counterparts. Undoubtedly, an iPad is significantly more expensive than, say, a Kindle. Quality is of utmost importance to Apple, and it appears that most tablet consumers agree. They are willing to sacrifice more money to obtain a nicer product, meticulously designed and eloquently conceived.

Cook says that “Apple at the end of the day believes that people want the best product,” says Cook. “So Amazon is a different kind of competitor. Price isn’t important. No one talks about the great deal they got on a product that sucks. We love our competitors, as long as they invent their own stuff.”

This is why iPads are so popular. At Onswipe, the case for iPads dominating the market holds true. 98.1% of web traffic to sites partnered with Onswipe are from iPads; when we observe the entire mobile web, the iPad still dominates at 54.5% of all traffic. Without a doubt, iPad users gravitate toward the tablet browser for its seamless experience and beautiful presentation. Relative to other devices in the tablet market, the iPad shines in terms of tactile responsiveness and engagement, with many companies optimizing their tablet sites for the iPad specifically. Tablet browsing on the iPad is just as fast as doing so on a desktop, only the screen clarity and user connection is stronger.