Would Darwin Back Apple or Amazon?


Darwin would be proud of the tablet industry. The dominant predator, Apple, is starting to feel its prey start to really fight back. And while Amazon, Google, Samsung, (and even Microsoft) are evolving to flourish in the tablet ecosystem, others like HTC are feeling extinction nipping at their heels. Check out what Eric Schmidt thinks of the tech ecosystem, and how you can win two tickets to Empire.js by being the most badass HTML5 coder in the land.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: Apple v. Amazon “Defining Fight” In Tech Industry

There may be an argument that the massive patent battle between Apple and Samsung will shape the future of the tech industry, but Google Chairman Eric Schmidt sees the platform fight between Apple and Amazon as the real show-stopper. “The Android-Apple platform fight is the defining fight in the industry today, Schmidt said during an interview with All Things D’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. Schmidt declined to weight in on the the subject of the patent issues, saying that he was not an expert on those issues and, seemingly more importunely, that the entire conflict was depressing. “These patent wars are death,” he said. (AllThingsD)

HTC Not Interested in “Me Too” Tablet, Stepping Away from Android Tablet Market

HTC has decided to take a break from the tablet market. TC’s global online communications manager Jeff Gordon said he was “pleased with the results” of HTC’s tablet lineup (HTC Flyer, Evo View 4G, and HTC Jetstream) but has decided to back out of the saturated Android tablet market. HTC is already having trouble keeping up in the smartphone market, and the tablet market is already dominated by Apple, Google, Amazon and others. (CNET)

FCC Grants Amazon Approval for 4G Kindle Fire Tablets

While Amazon’s high-end line of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets were released last month, the company has finally gotten the OK from the FCC to release the 4G devices. The issue was that the devices’ 4G capability requires approval from the FCC to make sure that wireless communication devices don’t interfere with government or emergency frequencies used, for example, by the military, airports, or emergency services. According to Reuters, while analysts and attorneys didn’t expect the FCC to reject the Kindle Fire, it was an unusual move for Amazon to launch such a major device without first getting the approval. (Reuters)

You Pumped, Bro? Onswipe’s Epic HTML5 Hackaton Happening October 19th!

Onswipe is reaching out the amazing coding talent of New York, and is hosting a two-day HTML5 hackathon on October 19th. Participants will have the run of our awesome office and staff, plus piles of every conceivable type of tablet/smartphone to develop on. The details are right here on the blog, but we must stress two points above all else: 1) We’re giving away two tickets to Empire.js. 2) There Will Be Beer.